Soul of Business is a training in mindfulness. It is also a comprehensive map that helps us to find our feet at work and in personal life. It is concerned with the way we live our lives. It includes inner and outer knowledge.

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It allows us to be ourselves once again. To be our own master. To know exactly what we want, to have clarity. For this should always be the starting point.

How can we live the way that becomes our passion? Because how we approach life is a game with the highest stakes.


The Project Leaders


Robert Zagożdżon
Is a leader and entrepreneur, owner of investment funds in Europe and America, and at the same time, a successful mentor and coach.

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By integrating the personal, spiritual and professional spheres in his daily life as well as seizing the opportunity brought by liberalization and opening of telecommunications and energy markets, it only took Robert three years to create from scratch an international group of companies valued at more than 100 million euros.

They include Poland-based Energia dla Firm S.A. and Energetyczne Centrum S.A., alternative electricity and gas suppliers that serve hundreds of thousands of clients and successfully compete with the biggest players on Polish market.

Today Robert plays the roles of his companies’ strategist and business angel. As an active investor and entrepreneur, he keeps developing new business platforms and investment projects.




Mindfulness is the path and the goal. The other qualities and abundance come as byproducts. Mindfulness is over psychology, a spiritual approach that includes lower dimensions: mind and body

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Mindfulness “means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment” [1].
We can cultivate mindfulness as the first step of love and compassion, because we cannot notice suffering and offer compassion if we are not aware of what is happening within and around us. Mindfulness has holistic implications in our lives. Without it, we are driven by outside impulses and other people. But then, “whenever commandments are given they create difficulties for people, because by the time they are given they are already out of date. Life moves so fast; it is a dynamism, it is not static. It is not a stagnant pool, it is a Ganges, it goes on flowing. It is never the same for two consecutive moments. So one thing may be right this moment, and may not be right the next. Then what to do? The only possible thing is to make people so aware that they themselves can decide how to respond to a changing life”[2].

Calendar of Events

BE ALIVE – The First and Ultimate Step Towards Transformation


Swami Prem Keerti, Ma Prem Kaveesha

9-15 October 2016

Fundacje Osheanic

Osheanic Maryno
26-630 Jedlnia Letnisko, Maryno 11

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Ideas are of themselves extraordinarily valuable, but an idea is just an idea… The thing that counts is developing it into a practical product.”

Henry Ford